Beach House Location.

The Beach House is located, 2 kilometers south of a fishing village called Kawit. I have put a map up on the Map Page showing where exactly it is located.

The location is perfect as for any quick shopping or foodstuffs or maybe hardware bits and pieces, you can get in Kawit. Not far from Kawit about 5 kilometers away is a town called Medellin which is again larger and has good shopping.

Bogo City is the seat of power for the region and has supermarkets and everything else you may need, with all the major banks having a presence. Two golf courses, one still in construction are 15 to 20 minutes away.

Medellin town has a very progressive mayor Mr Ricky Ramirez  and he is always open to anything which promotes the area and he has been instrumental in the provision of many new and varied tourism projects which have really showcased the area.

To see a video of the beach have a look here, I found it on you tube




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