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The Weather at The Beach House

Just thought I should expound a bit on the weather we have here in the Philippines, basically while we don’t have a summer or a winter as such we do have two distinct weather patterns. We have a cooler season with temperatures around 25c to 27c between October to March and then it gets warmer …

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Places to Go To From the Beach House

From the Beach House in north Cebu we look at  two islands, they are magical, the biggest is called Bantayan island which is 8 miles to wast and the smallest is called Gibitngil which is only 1 mile to the west. Both form a beautiful backdrop to the sea. As you can see by the photo of …

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Beach House Location.

The Beach House is located, 2 kilometers south of a fishing village called Kawit. I have put a map up on the Map Page showing where exactly it is located. The location is perfect as for any quick shopping or foodstuffs or maybe hardware bits and pieces, you can get in Kawit. Not far from …

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Welcome to a Great Place to Live

We have been using this residence as a getaway which is quiet and away from the city. It can be used as a resort which we originally built it for four years ago but as we already operate a hotel in Cebu City we just use this place as a retreat on the weekends.

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