The Weather at The Beach House

Just thought I should expound a bit on the weather we have here in the Philippines, basically while we don’t have a summer or a winter as such we do have two distinct weather patterns.
We have a cooler season with temperatures around 25c to 27c between October to March and then it gets warmer to around 30c in May so March to September is warmer. Rain from the southwest monsoon start around July through to December but you cannot set your clock to it anymore, it’s all over the place like the rest of the world.
I come from New Zealand where it’s a bit like Scotland, lot’s of rain and wind and cold whereas the weather in the Philippines is always warm (great for arthritis sufferers) and it does not really matter if it rains, it’s normally only showers anyway.
Everything grows well here and I have a beautiful vegetable garden and many many fruit trees. I notice when I’m on the golf course that grass and shrubs grow very very fast.
So in closing don’t bother bringing coats and jerseys to the Philipppines, because you just do not need them.

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